Stop Fake

JSC UkrGasVydobuvannya and the company management have been targeted by the evicted corruptors and opponents of Ukraine’s energy independence. In laying the foundation for further reforming of the largest gas producer of the country, the new team has already been able to stop large-scale plundering for the first half of the year. According to some rough estimates, every year approximately 10% of turnover has been ‘washed over’ from the company in some way or other. In today’s prices it is almost UAH 2-3 billion. The company was deprived of the resource for qualitative transformations, it was driven to bankruptcy. By the middle of 2015, it had billion of debt, exploited deposits were almost depleted, technologies became outdated, employees were unmotivated, new land plots were not allocated, and development strategies were not even discussed. The company occupying ¾ of the Ukrainian gas exploration sector has been deliberately wrecked as a Ukrainian army before military aggression. The new management has developed an ambitious Program 20/20, which envisages the production of 20 billion cubic meters in 2020. The total gas production for this year together with private companies in the industry is expected at the level of 27 billion cubic meters. Own gas may be quite sufficient for the entire country and import cessation in general. Achieving real energy independence seems realistic. The new management has developed transformation program and investment plan for step-by-step achievement of the ambitious goal. After bringing the gas prices to the market level and reducing the rent, PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannya will receive a financial opportunity for technical re-equipment, intensification of extraction, exploration of new deposits, improvement of drilling efficiency and, finally, significant increase in production. For this reason, in the last month the mercenaries of reform opponents have become active. In their information campaigns, they fall back upon outright lies, distortions and dirt. This section is devoted to discrediting of their defamation.
FALSE: «Активісти «Самооборони Києва» (бланк звернення до УГВ на фото в тексті) пікетують офіс Укргазвидобу...
TRUE: З 2 по 3 березня, рівно з 11:00 до 13:00, офіс «Укргазвидобування» пікетували невстановлені громадяни, які не мають стосунку до справжньої ГО «Самооборона Києва», лист-спростування від якої отримав менеджмент УГВ:
May 17, 2017