Naftogaz introduces new technology: up to 20% of additional gas from wells

Apr 16, 2021 | Category: Official
Naftogaz introduces new technology: up to 20% of additional gas from wells

Naftogaz introduces a new recovery enhancement technology of capillary systems at depleted fields. Initially, Company's specialists applied it to the first 10 wells, later the technology was implemented to 43 wells, and by the end of 2021 they plan to  include another 45 wells. The effect of application is 20% average gas production increase at each well.

The new technology is used in the wells drilled in the fields with low reservoir pressure, the operation of which is complicated by the liquid buildup. The capillary systems allow stabilising the operation of the well and reducing blowdown losses. As a result, the larger gas volumes with lower production losses are recovered.

“Improving the efficiency of developing existing fields is one of our strategic priorities. And we are constantly looking for solutions allowing to intensify production at minimal cost. There are such solutions. They are actively used internationally, and we are actively applying them in Ukraine. These include new approaches to drilling production wells, improved pressure control methods, and artificial lift that we are already successfully expanding to apply among our wells. The introduction of capillary systems is another successful solution of the Company, which allows solving the problem of water breakthrough without shutting the wells down. And thus - without gas losses, " - Oleg Tolmachev, Deputy Director of E&P Division said.

Wells that are best suited for the use of capillary systems were selected using WellFlo modelling software (from Weatherford).  Further monitoring of well performance is performed in real time using the CygNet and ForeSite digital platforms.

The introduction of capillary systems in 10 wells had positive outcome of providing an average 20% production increase. For example, the daily flow rate of well No. 60 of the Yulivske field in the Kharkiv region increased by 26%. At well No. 83 of the Skhidno-Poltavske field, the gas flow rate almost doubled after the introduction of the capillary system.

Liquid buildup during production is a common problem in gas and oil wells. It leads to a reduction in production, sometimes even to complete well shutdown and the necessity of CWO. The latter results in gas losses during the workover, as well as requires significant costs for its implementation.

Recall that earlier Naftogaz installed  gas lift equipment for the purpose of increasing gas flow rate at "mature" fields.