Naftogaz puts a superdeep gas well on production

Oct 12, 2020 | Category: Official
Naftogaz puts a superdeep gas well on production

Naftogaz Group continues to develop Ukrainian deep horizons. The company completed drilling operations at another superdeep well No. 58 at the Komyshnianske field in the Poltava region. A significant hydrocarbons inflow (170 TCM of gas per day) was marked at a depth of 6,040 meters.

The Komyshnianske field has a complex geological structure characterized by the deep occurrence of productive horizons. Its gas reserves are about 8 BCM. The company drilled three deep wells at the field during the year, with production well No. 58 being the last.

“Ukraine has a significant hydrocarbon production potential at depths over 5,000 meters. Therefore, we consider deep horizons as one of the strategic directions for surveying new deposits and building up gas reserves. Nevertheless, deep well drilling is associated with increased risks: geological, technical and economic. The new well repeatedly proves that the Naftogaz team has essential experience and expertise to achieve the goal. However, the company needs government incentives and investments,” commented Oleksandr Romanyuk, Director of the Exploration and Production Division of Naftogaz Group.

Drilling operations were carried out by an in-house drilling contractor (Ukrburgas) using a new HongHua drilling rig (China) purchased in 2018. As the new well's drilling rate was over 830 m/rig-month, drilling operations were completed 41 days before the scheduled deadline.

The Komyshnianske field is being actively developed. Drilling operations at another new well have already been commenced, with two more wells scheduled for the next six months.


The Komyshnianske gas condensate field is located in the Myrgorodsky district, Poltava region. It was discovered in 1984 and put on production in 1995.

In 2018, the field carried out 3D seismic surveys. Schlumberger, the largest oilfield services company, is currently processing and interpreting the survey data.

Currently, the field has 11 producing wells with a current yield totaling about 1 MCM of gas per day.