Naftogaz to Launch the First Tight Gas Field

Jan 14, 2021 | Category: Official
Naftogaz to Launch the First Tight Gas Field

Naftogaz Group pilot launched the first tight gas field of basin-center type, Svyatogirsk. Today, the company began supplying natural gas produced in this area to the gas trunkline system.

The Svyatogirsk field, which is located in the middle of the Yuzivska area, is a pilot project within the Naftogaz's strategic direction for the development of tight gas reservoirs.

“The pilot commercial development of the Svyatogirsk field is also an important step towards the earliest development of the Yuzivska area. The created infrastructure will be used to prepare and supply natural gas produced in this area to the gas trunkline system,” said Oleksandr Romanyuk, Director of the Naftogaz Exploration and Production Division.

The launch of the Svyatogirsk field became possible after the construction of the latter-day infrastructure, namely, the gas treatment unit (GTU) with a maximum daily capacity of 1 MCM of natural gas and a 26 km long gas pipeline.

Three exploration wells have already been connected to the newly built infrastructure. Naftogaz has attracted the latest technology for gas production from these wells and internationally recognized experts.

In addition, the company conducted wide-azimuth 3D seismic surveys to further unleash the field's potential. Now these data are used to drill another well in the so-called “sweet spot” (place of the most probable gas concentration). The results will be used for further steps in the field development program.


Tight gas occurs in low permeability rocks such as tight sandstones and limestones. This means that it is more difficult to lift to the surface than conventional gas.