Ukrgasvydobuvannya fulfilled production plan for 2019 and produced over 13.6 billion m3 of gas

Jan 20, 2020 | Category: Official
Ukrgasvydobuvannya fulfilled production plan for 2019 and produced over 13.6 billion m3 of gas

According to recent reports, in January-December 2019, Ukrgasvydobuvannya contributed 13.62 billion m3 of commercial gas, which was given to the public and DHC (district heating company). The company has fully fulfilled the annual production plan.

Having the depleted resource portfolio and tight residual reserves, Ukrgasvydobuvannya continues to adhere to its stated strategy and focuses on maintaining the necessary production volume, optimizing the production gas flows, a new selection approach of the drilling candidate wells and increasing the liquid hydrocarbon production.

“First, we succeeded in compensating the natural production decline of 1.5 billion m3. Second, due to the optimization of the well completion operations and new well exploration compared to the last year, we reduced the production and technological costs and losses by 300 million m3. Third, the condensate and oil production has increased, - said Andrew Favorov, Director for Integrated Gas Business. - We have to admit that the technologically simple extract gas reserves are almost depleted. Our field depletion level is over 80%. We require to develop the technical competencies to breakthrough into the "complex" gas production. By complex gas, I mean unconventional gas, deep drilling and offshore are where we have to move,” added Favorov.

The commercial gas production parameters were achieved due to the production program:

  • - 3D seismic exploration works in the amount of 801.7 km2 were performed, the gas reserve increase through the course of the year amounted to 14 926 million m3;
  • - Three new fields were opened with a total resource portfolio of 2.15 billion m3 of gas, 16 thousand tons of oil;
  • - 74 wells were drilled, the commercial drilling speed of new drilling rigs was 850 m/rig-month, of upgraded ones - 800 m/rig-month;
  • - Eight hundred one coiled tubing operations were performed with the additional natural gas effect of 321 mln. m3 ;
  • - 117 HF operations were presented with the other natural gas effect of 484.5 million m3;
  • - 202 capital repairs of wells were performed with the additional natural gas effect of 333 million m3;
  • - 2126 geophysical operations were completed, the logging elevators and geophysical tools were purchased;
  • - specialists of UkrNDIGas and Schlumberger built 18 geological-technological 3D models of the fields, 16 new operating wells were drilled and designed based on 3D models;
  • - 2 BCS and 2 SBCD were developed, four gas drying installations, 11 compressor units were installed;
  • - Thirty-eight automatic process control systems were updated.

Through the course of the year, liquid hydrocarbon production increased by 7% to 478.2 thousand tonnes compared to the same period of the last year.