The restored well in Poltava region yielded a high result — more than 320 tcm of gas per day

Feb 16, 2021 | Category: Official
The restored well in Poltava region yielded a high result — more than 320 tcm of gas per day

Naftogaz commissioned well No.29 of Komyshnianske field in Poltava region. After workover and production stimulation operations at total depth of more than 6,000 m, the well produces more than 320 tcm of gas per day.

“For a long time this well almost did not work. Its restoration was technically complicated because the Komyshnianske field is deep and has a complex structure. This is one of the priority strategic reserves increase objects on the existing fields portfolio. By implementing such projects, we continue to increase production efficiency in existing fields, which is one of our priorities in line with Naftogaz Group Base Development Strategy. We are working to engage new technologies that will allow not only to optimize production, but also to reduce operating costs,” Oleksandr Romaniuk, Director of Naftogaz Exploration and Production Division, said.

To fully commence the well operation, a series of complex repair operations was performed at considerable depth. The works were performed under difficult geological conditions. In particular, hydraulic fracturing operation was performed at more than 6,000 m depth for the first time.

“For the first time we have achieved this depth for hydraulic fracturing on Naftogaz's fields. We have overcome high reservoir temperatures and pressure. After well completion by coiled tubing, a significant gas inflow was obtained. This is a result of coordinated effords between in-house team (with considerable expertise and experience) and contractors. In particular, our hydraulic fracturing experts have performed design and engineering works and monitored implementation at all stages,” Andrii Khomenko, Naftogaz Technical Division Director said.

The Komyshnianske gas condensate field is located in Myrgorodskiy district of Poltava region. It was discovered in 1984 and comissioned  in 1995. Its gas reserves amount to nearly 8 bcm.

In 2018, 3D seismic survey was carried out in the field. Now the survey data is being processed and interpreted.

It should be noted that recently the deepest equipment for artificial lift in Europe was installed at the Valyukhivske field that helped to increase the gas flow rate.

In 2020, Naftogaz Group produced 13.45 bcm of sales gas and designed new Resource Base Development Strategy.