ShGV19T-137 42670000-3 Parts and accessories for machine tools (Parts and components for small mechanization (including mowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, generators, motor pumps, etc.) in assortment)

Procurement procedure results ShebelynkaGasVydobuvannya Gas Production Division

  • SHGV19T-137 Documentation
  • SHGV19T-137 Announcement
  • Annex 6.1 6.2 Calculation of the value added_ goods
  • Annex 7 Questionnaire (legal entity)
  • Annex 8 Questionnaire (Individual)
  • SSHGV19T-137 Changes to the Framework Agreement
  • SHGV19T-137 PROTOCOL of deviation
  • ШГВ19Т-137 Cancellation protocol