UPGGK 18Т-РУ-002 Paper or cardboard registration journals

Procurement procedure results Gas and Gas Condensate Processing Division (UPGGK)

  • Documentation of purchases by framework agreement UPGGK 18Т-РУ-002
  • Announcement UPGGK 18Т-РУ-002
  • Annex No. 6 Questionnaire (individual entrepreneur)
  • Annex No. 5 Questionnaire (legal entity)
  • Protocol for amending the procurement documentation
  • Minutes to amend the procurement documentation dated 30.11.2018
  • Minutes of determination of winners and admission to the conclusion of a framework agreement
  • Framework Agreement PP ASTRAYA
  • Framework Agreement of the FOP Derevedmid O.M.
  • Framework Agreement of the FOP Ofilenko Y.G.
  • Framework Agreement FOP Lashko V.I.
  • Framework Agreement of the FOP Garage N.N.
  • Framework Agreement PP Lasea